St. Mark's Lutheran Church | From the Pastor
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From the Pastor

Message from the Pastor

The Pastor of St. Mark’s, Rev. William Payne, also known as

“Pastor Bill”, brings us thoughtful messages for daily living each Sunday.

His inspiring sermons build on scripture and observations of

both human nature and the beautiful outdoors nature that

surrounds us in Marquette.

Here is one lesson he has shared with us…

“As I think about this, I give thanks for the blessing of never being bored with life. Each of those things on the To-Do list of life is another opportunity and a person’s ability to do each thing is a gift from God.  The strength and mind to tackle that list is indeed a gift and it is by that gift that we are able to share the Lord Jesus with others.

Without God’s gift to us we are like a petunia with no blossoms, a rose with no roses. At St. Mark’s God has given us the will and the strength to be not just a plant aimlessly living but to be God’s roses and clovers in this world.”

“I look around me and I am surrounded by things which need to be done.  It is like some multiplying magic, for each time one thing is done, two others jump in demanding immediate attention.

Then I visit an old friend at a care facility.  She remembers nothing. She recognizes the dog and greets me.  When I leave I seem to walk out of her memory as though I had never been there.  There are those whose vitality seems day to day to drain away. I visit another friend and each time I see him there is less vitality.  There is a little less of him.”